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2013 Ford Focus SE Speaker Problems (Please Help)


New Member
So i just turned 16 and got my license and my first car which is a Ford Focus SE (I think). I know very clearly its not and ST or RS but i dont know if its and SE or another trim, it is a hatchback tho. I finally got the bluetooth to work and in order to do that I had to take of the red wire on the battery and put it back on. So now the bluetooth works. But the phone calls arent working. When I call someone or they call me it will not make noise. They can hear me but I can not hear them. I do not know why this is happening but its starting to anger me because that is a very useful feature. I also want to buy new speakers as the speakers in my car suck. What do you guys recommend as the best speakers to buy. Thank you very much for any help and if you need any pictures or info on the car just let me know and I will supply the info.

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