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Ford Focus RS speeds up with Limited Edition going away present


Ford's sending off this generation of its high-performance hot-hatchback with a bang with a special 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition model. The exclusive examples build on the standard RS' 2.3-liter EcoBoost AWD formula with a few new styling and performance features.

Enthusiasts will be most excited to learn that the RS Limited Edition gains a new mechanical Quaife limited-slip differential for its front axle. The new front LSD works with the standard rear Dynamic Torque Vectoring and brake vectoring control systems to help the all-wheel drive hatch to put more of its 350-horsepower to the road when accelerating out of a bend with less wheel spin. That should result in faster lap times when pushing the RS near its limits.

Visual upgrades include a new Race Red paint color option, in addition to the signature Nitrous Blue body color and standard 19-inch wheels. Inside, the Limited Edition gets carbon fiber skin for the door handles, handbrake lever and turbo boost gauge surround. Ford also makes the "RS2 Package" standard equipment with its heated, black leather-trimmed Recaro seats with suede microfiber inserts, heated steering wheel and exterior mirrors and Sync 3 voice-activated navigation.

Ford's limiting this swan song to just 1,500 examples of the 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition -- 1,000 for the States and 500 Canada -- with deliveries beginning in late 2017. This'll be your last shot at a new RS of this generation; once they're gone, they're gone.