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No start technical/simple question

The no start issue is only when it's really cold which I've heard is common though their is no common particular issue that I've found. It turns continuously but no ignition or injector firing and no computer codes. It's happened several times and each time I hear it up with a torpedo heater and it starts up the last time I tried heating up each sensor individually and the relays in the fusebox and nothing. I had put the heathun down behind the battery towards the transmission and it started. The only sensor I saw down their was the torque converter speed sensor. I had already heated the crank and cam sensor, the intake areas the fuel rail and the sensors in the front of the engine and the computer under the dash beforehand. My actual question is if anyone knows if the torque converter speed sensor on the top of the bell housing has anything to do with ignition timing and if your sure it can stop the engine from starting? Also any other ideas would be helpful. Unfortunately it hasn't done it again and starts fine now so I can't replicate it but any feedback would be helpful. Thanks![?|]