Please help

United States
What I Drive
2000 Ford focus zx3 automatic
Hi I'm new to this forum so here it is I was driving home one day I get almost there and I have a huge loss of power and am only running on 3 cylinders and I thought it was the coil so I replaced that it wasn't that i had just replaced the plugs less than 300 miles ago so I thought it was the wires I just replaced them and it didnt fire at all so I double checked and I did put them on right so i thought I got bad words as they are cheap Ebay ones so I put the old ones back on and now it's not firing at all so idk what to do also o dont have a code reader or much money I can buy new wires that's not a problem even new plugs again btw I put copper core plugs in so maybe I need different plugs idk please help me out it's my only car and me and my wife are disabled and really need to get it going thanks for reading