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problems programing ecu


New Member
United States
What I Drive
06 ford focus zx4
im having diffuculty programming new/used ecu. ive completed a recent auto-manual tranny swap and everything went well other then driving it. i used a donor car and have swapped all moduals including ecu, pats multi-thing, restraint between the seats, fuel mod under back seat, instrument cluster in dash, enigine and dash harnesses and even fuse boxes in hopes of not experencing any problem but when i hook up my code reader it still has old auto tranny codes and even identifys my vin #? my qustion is how would a ecu out of another car know my cars vin# old tranny codes and so forth? it has a solenoid e code that is forcing it into limp mode and i cant seem to reprogram it or delete it? what platform is best for tuning these cars? can i go with a stand alone ecu? what options do i have with a 06 zx4. looking to build for fun. ( i cant help i like speed)

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