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Transmission Problems


New Member
United States
What I Drive
2013 Ford Focus Titanium
Hello, I purchased a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium about SIX months ago....I have had plenty of problems since purchasing from a missing motor mount to a rear main seal. I had it worked on 2 times by the dealership. I was then on my way to work when the car's RPM's went crazy and the car was slowing down despite pressing harder on the gas. When I pulled over the Oil and Battery light turned on. When I would try to turn it on it would sound like it was starving for gas. I put some gas into it and drove it back home. I would try to start it and it would have a hard start and got worse throughout the day. I then went to get gas then proceeded to turn it on when it started to click. I thought my battery was dead so I tried to jump it when my transmission locked up and the starter then smoked. I called the dealership and they said it was out of warranty from the millage. They clearly sold me the car with the transmission issues. I don't know what to do I really love my car but wish it would run right.