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2006 Headlight Fuse Keeps Blowing

United States
What I Drive
2006 Focus SE ZX3
I have a 2006 SE ZX3 that keeps blowing the #59 7.5 amp fuse in the passenger fuse panel. It won't blow it right away. I can replace it and turn the low and high beams on and they will work. If I take it for a drive with the lights on after a few minutes the fuse will blow. I have replaced the low beam relay because I broke it trying to remove it, replaced the headlight switch and multifunction switch, I have pulled the headlights out and looked at the wiring and tested resistance on the wiring in the headlight and it looks good, I opened the power distribution box under the hood and looked under it to check for corrosion and that looked good, checked resistance through the to the headlights and that seemed ok. I am out of ideas on where to look for problems with the headlights. Anyone have any ideas?

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