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2015 Ford Focus SE stalling


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United States
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2015 Ford Focus SE
I am surprised there are no threads about Ford Focus vehicles stalling. If you Google it, Ford recalled 1.5 million vehicles https://www.thecallahanlawfirm.com/...es-recall-of-1-5-million-ford-focus-vehicles/

I bought my car used from a dealer. A couple of months of driving and the vehicle began stalling. Took it to a near Ford Dealership. They up sold me on getting things done to the car. Lucky I had some extra cash at the time. Anyway took the vehicle to the a couple of times before they fixed it. They only charged me for the first visit, thank God. I read about the law suit. That did seem to faze them. I do not see how 1.5 million of these vehicles being returned are not on their radar. Anyway it is stalling again. This time no Check Engine Light. Took it back to the dealership, it sat there for nearly a month. I was told they couldn’t repeat the problem. You have drive it for 15 mins, maybe 25 mins b4 it stalls. This is very dangerous situation. The car is at 2nd Ford Dealership now. They have no vehicle repair history in their computers. I had to get repair invoices from the first dealership and email it to them. I also may get the car repairs from the when the first owner had the car serviced. Still more to come.

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