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Ford Focus RS Mountune M400


So what does the M400 kit add?

In exchange for the £3495 price tag, the kit equips:

• High-flow induction kit
• Uprated turbo recirculation valve
• Sound Suppression Chamber (to cancel out unwanted whistle noises from the upgraded turbo)
• High-flow hard pipe
• High-performance alloy intercooler
• 3” downpipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
• 3” V3 cat-back exhaust
• mTune handset with 400 calibration (allows you to tweak exhaust noise, activate 'Dyno Mode' etc.)
• Two Mountune badges

In short, all of these uprated performance parts add 49bhp and 92lb ft of torque. You have to bear in mind, though, that the M400 kit isn’t endorsed by Ford (unlike the FP375 kit we tested earlier in 2017), so it could void your warranty.

Read more on Car Magazine.

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