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Motor Mount Bracket holes stripped, big problems??

United States
What I Drive
2000 Ford Focus SE
2000 Focus SE, DOHC.
I've done a bunch of work on the car; timing belt, water pump, pulleys, balancer, alternator, thermostat & housing, brake lines, brakes....
Finally drove it after almost 2 years being parked, due to health, time, & money. Running great except this annoying "flop flop flop" that matches tire speed. I get home, back it into driveway, big loud weird noise, car dies. Won't go into any gear, won't go into park-it rolls. It'll start, but won't stay running, and exhaust is loud as hell. I get out, engine is shifted all the way forward on the passenger side, and right axle is busted off underneath and flopping. Dammit. The 2 bolt holes on the mount bracket on the front of the engine are stripped out. Mount and bolts seem fine, but bracket isn't. I jacked up and supported the engine on some blocks for now until it's daylight and I can work.
So, my questions are: 1) Can these bolt holes be "helicoiled", or do I need a new or used bracket? I don't know a lot about helicoil strength, so I don't want this to happen again. If I can repair them, what size are the threads?
2) is the passenger side the "drive" side of the drivetrain, and since that side axle is broken, is that why it rolls while in park? And, can I just replace the axle and all is well? It looks like it broke off just outboard a couple inches from the drivetrain at the inner joint, the roller bearing are exposed. 3) Nothing looks broken or disconnected wiring or sensor related; but I think the exhaust near the cat or under the engine split. (it was already leaking, that was my next project) Is that possibly why it won't stay running now? It starts and runs, but won't stay running without "feathering" the accelerator. Once I stop, it dies.
This is all so frustrating. Not to cry & whine, etc, but COVID, major surgery, other "stuff" has delayed me a really long time, and the car was running well. I appreciate your guys' input, I hope somebody here can shed some light. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.