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Redesigned 2008 Ford Focus Starts At $14,695


The new 2008 Ford Focus, which goes on sale this fall, will have a starting price under $15,000, according to a Ford news release.

Like the first generation compact car, the Focus will come in three model types, the Focus S coupe and sedan, the Focus SE and Focus SES.

The S coupe will start at $14,695, and the S sedan will begin at $14,995. The SE models start at $15,695 and $15,995. All include $620 shipping charges.

The Focus SES coupe and sedan will begin at $16,695 and $16,995 respectively.

All will come with a 2-liter Duratec 20 four-cylinder engine that yields 24 mpg in city driving and 35 mpg on the highway.

Ford is also using the Focus to launch its new Sync system. The system allows a driver to control his or her cell phone, iPod or other musical device with voice. Developed with Microsoft Corp., it will be a $395 option.