This Is Apparently What Happened To That Ford Focus RS That Drifted Into A Mountain


Remember those first heady weeks when the Ford Focus RS started showing up on the road? Blue rockethatches, bright and innocent, right up until that one dude drift-moded his way into the side of a mountain. Apparently this is what that car looks like now. The reason we're seeing this thing is that it's up for sale. It's on eBay in romantic Sikeston, Missouri of all places, listed at 74 Auto Salvage. There's a lot that doesn't look like how we last saw it. The wheels are different, there's a hole cut out of the hood and a fender is gone. The gigantic dent on the passenger side of the car matches up, so it looks legit. The other side, un-hit, looks totally fine. Bidding at the moment has the thing at $23,700. That seems a little high for me, but maybe there's a little bit of cache for having one of the most (in)famous Fords of recent years. If you missed the original story, some driver on a New York ST Owners Club cruise in September of last year took some rural mountain turn, presumably with a head full of drift mode dreams.

It was our first realization (of many) that drift mode will not turn you into a driving god.


Text Source: Jalopnik