2000 Focus ZTS cranks but will not start.


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2000 Ford Focus ZTS
I drive a 2000 Focus ZTS (as stated above) and have recently started having issues with the car. The first thing I should probably say is that the car has ~349,000 miles on it, already off to a good start. The second disclaimer is that recently I ran off the road into a field, which bent my radiator, messed up the bearing in the ac idler clutch (if I'm remembering what it's called correctly) and has messed up my rear driver side axle assembly in some way. But even after that the car was running and driving fairly okay (for multiple weeks), besides squeaking. The car was running just fine until I parked it a few weeks ago, and a couple hours after I'd parked it, I tried to start it and it would crank but would not start. The engine seems to be turning slower than it should when trying to start, and sounds like it either isn't getting enough fuel or isn't sparking correctly. The first thing replaced was the starter, that didn't work. Then I replaced the battery, which also did not work. If anyone has any insight on the issue it would be much appreciated.

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