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2016 Ford Focus Owner will get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


While the newer model will come fitted with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, the older 2016 model does not but that will change soon as Ford announced that they will start releasing the update soon.

According to Ford, a large number of the 2016 Ford models will be getting the update. The Sync 3 update will bring both systems to the vehicle via WiFi. Customers can also choose to download it manually using a USB or getting their dealer to update the vehicle for them.

A total of 800,000 Ford vehicles will be getting the update. Ford owner was not too happy when they were not given the system but luckily, Ford has decided not to leave them out as this means that they won’t have to get the newer models to enjoy the Android Auto or the Apple CarPlay.

Those looking for the Apple CarPlay upgrade will have to upgrade the USB hub of their vehicle as well.

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