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2016 Ford Focus RS Gets Bolt-Ons, Hits Drag Strip for Impressive 1/4-Mile Runs

The hot hatch we have here has been gifted with a list of tuning goodies aficionados label as bolt-ons. The tech massage involves the obvious ECU remap and in order for the turbo-four of the fast Ford to make the most out of its boost pressure, the unit has also been gifted with a beefier intercooler, upgraded piping and a fitting wastegate.

We're not aware of the actual output delivered by the 2.3-liter heart of this Focus, but, judging by the mods mentioned above, the spicy hatch should pack close to 400 ponies at the crank.

Having gifted his Blue Oval devil with the bits and bobs mentioned above, its driver decided to put the tuning to the real-world test by bringing the uber-compact to the drag strip.

It didn't take long before the RS started engaging in quarter-mile adventures, with the piece of footage at the bottom of the page allowing us to see the Focus in action.

For the record, we'll mention that a standard Mk III Ford Focus RS, with its 350 horses, can play the 1,320 feet game in 13.4 seconds. Since this clip also shows the numbers delivered by the boosted Focus RS, you'll easily be able to notice the difference such a visit to the gym makes.

The hot hatch also found a competitor, albeit one whose driver was a bit too brave for his own reputation. That's because the guy decided to battle the Focus RS using a Toyobaru.

The rear-wheel-drive sportscar even nailed the starting phase of the race, but, given the monstrous output difference between the two, the splendid reaction time of its driver didn't mean too much.

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