For those that dont already know me I own a Company called Focus-Power

I do full custom tuning to NA or Boosted Foci from 2000 to 2016

I offer a DIY Turbo kit for the 2000-2004 ZX3 Focus , 2002-2004 SVT Focus , 2012-2016 Focus

I offer a Full Turbo kit for the 2012-2016 Focus

I offer built short blocks or complete rebuilt engine for the Zetec , SVT , Duratec 2.0 to 2.5 conversion


Email is
Phone is 704 249 3745
IM hpdyno on AOL


I had two FI Focus tuned by Focus-Power and can't say enough about his products and customer service.
Any 2015 2.0 NA to turbo kits? Or maybe some info on what items I may need for building my own I.E. turbo sizes intercooler etc. Planning to have a 2018 build. I have a 2015 2.0 SE that currently is just sitting in the garage (Wife made me buy her a Subaru forester)

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