Helping daughter with her car - Upstream Oxygen Sensor, Throttle body... P0507 and P2195


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My daughter has a 2015 Ford Focus SE Hatchback and it's been a great little car for the last few years. She recently had a CEL occur which I read with the BlueDriver OBD tool to be a P2195. A quick check online says to replace the Upstream Oxygen sensor which I did, but 2 days later the CEL came back but added another code of P0507. I spent $60 so far on the Bosch O2 sensor and I don't want to be the garage mechanic throwing things at her car so I have a few questions.

1) After installing the Upstream sensor, is the car recalibrating somehow for the next few hundred miles and could this be the issue that the RPMs were are a little off the first day or two? I noticed yesterday that all is starting to calm down and idle speed seem normal.
2) If the CEL will comes back with the same code(s), should I try to clean the throttle body (disconnecting the battery first) or completely remove it for cleaning with a CRC carb cleaner?

If none of the above works, I guess time to take to mechanic

Very curious side note... Facing the engine bay to the immediate left of the battery compartment there's a black tube sticking up from a bolt toward the bottom that is not connected to anything. Is this some kind of breathing tube or is this supposed to be connected somewhere? I can try to take a picture of this but it just looks weird...