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Ignition sensor switch needed for installation of radios for airport vehicles (which are for some reason 2018 Ford Focuses with very small space)

United States
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As the title mentions, I am trying to install radios into 2 2018 Ford Focus ST, which are airport vehicles. And yes, it's not a good decision on the part of the airport. One is a short range low frequency radio (motorola) and the other is air to ground (icom). The radios are installed but I can't seem to find an ignition sensitive fuse or relay either under the hood or in the fuse box beneath the glove compartment, which is necessary otherwise the radios will continuously drain the battery.

Note: The image is pre installation. This way you could maybe get a better look at it and identify it (sorry I neglected to get an image of the VIN)

Yet another note: Sorry about the name of the image. It was a note to myself to use that one instead of the several images I have of before I started to work on it to prevent any issues with the airport.