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Ken Block And Hoonigan Racing Unveil Ford Focus RX


Ken Block's current Focus RX was a white canvas waiting to be painted with a new unique and distinctive "uniform", so that's why the Head Hoonigan collaborated with Felipe Pantone to come up with a memorable livery.

This is the first time the Hoonigan crew has partnered with an independent artist, and the artwork created by Pantone - over the course of eight days - was initially laid down on a canvas with spray paint before being translated into the digital files used on the car liveries. The result was described as a kinetic mix of geometric patterns, bold colors and intricate fades, conveying speed and motion.

"I'm really stoked that I was able to partner with Felipe Pantone on this. I'm a huge fan of Felipe's work and I think it's awesome that we were able to work together and have him create bespoke art in his signature style for us, that we were then able to translate to both new Ford Focus RS RX racecar, as well as on to Andreas' car, but that also worked equally well for Hoonigan and my other partners on a bunch of apparel and product," said Block.

The Focus RX will debut on April 17, in Montelegre, Portugal. So, if you want to see its graffiti-inspired scheme in action and hear its 600 HP and 900 Nm (663 lb-ft) of torque four-pot EcoBoost engine, make sure you tune to round 1 of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.


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