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Underside of car part


New Member
Great Yarmouth
United Kingdom
What I Drive
2019 Focus Titanium
Hi all, brand new to this, but I've got a 2019 focus Titanium, and during the snow and ice which we had recently, something on the bottom of my car has been ripped off and I have no idea what it was.

The remainder of the part was on the bottom of the car underneath the passenger seat, and is made of the same sort of stuff as the parcel shelf. I assume it's to work as an acoustic shield but could be wrong.

My question is this: can I get another one? What's it called and would a ford dealer sell me one (I'd be able to fit it myself as it's only a dozen clips and bolts).

Hopefully I've explained that in a way that will make sense to someone but any help is appreciated thank you!